Kisumu – Sustainable Urban & Rural Life 

Sustainability – Service functionality, Natural value, Adaptive capacity – Diversity, Coherent Solutions, Circular Economy for Kisumu – a Complete Sustainable Waste Management Service.

Sustainable  Urban life conference in Kisumu

Local Economic Strategy – Sustainability – Urbanisation – Sustainable Environment – Sustainable Services – We hope the Governor and his teams can agree to our plants as Kisumu could show the way to Sustainable Waste Management Services in Kenya – a Sustainable Urban & Rural Life. Infrastructure & Funding resources for a Sustainable Waste Management system & services for Sustainable Urban & Rural living in Kisumu.

  1. ZERO Waste – ZERO Landfill – complete Sustainable Waste project – meets Net Zero objectives * Circular Economy
  2. One plant – total plant funding of USD $90 million
  3. “NO” Cost or burden to Kisumu Government for the plant Provision of USD $90 million for the plant & trucks & Rickshaws & more via Private Banks 
  4. MSW, Medical and some liquid waste processed, energy, recycling, fertilizers, fuels produced, which fits into the Kisumu Strategic Objectives
  5. Climate Change Mitigation – Renewable Energy – CO2 & CH4 reduction
  6. Less Air Pollution and Leachate from Landfills entering the water courses and Lake Victory, 
  7. Removal of Plastic from Lake Victoria
  8. Increase in Fish stocks
  9. 100% recycling of Glass, Ash and metals used in production of new products in the new Waste Management Facility
  10. 300 job creation, poverty reduction,
  11. Revenue Generator for Kisumu Government
  12. 50 Trucks & 100 Gas Powered Rickshaws (USD $18 million) immediately on sign off Plant operational by August 2023
  13. Manufacturing of Concrete Building blocks
  14. Food production using waste Carbon Dioxide from the plant & heat (Food security)
  15. 45% more efficient than Incineration
  16. 50% less cost than Incineration112,482 MWh of electricity produced each year (Renewable Energy) from each plant
  17. Income generation each year revenue from the plant for Kisumu Government, actual amount will be determined by negotiations and the Feasibility study
  18. All SDG’s met (Sustainable Development Goals) by these waste plants for Kisumu
  19. Carbon Credits
  20. Full funding provided for plants, trucks, and Rickshaws infrastructure – bins, containers for village, Town and City waste collection, also bins and containers. Ten plants could be built and operational by May 2024. Funding of the first USD $90 million via USEXIMBANK 

“NO” Cost or burden to Government for the plants and Renewable Electricity & PPA with Kisumu County to assist the Sustainable Urban & Rural Sustainable Waste Management in the County. 

We have also provided the Kisumu Government now on this site a Complete Sustainable Waste development document and tool kit to train and enhance the knowledge of Sustainable Waste Management in Developing Countries. (Find the document on the about page “DOWNLOADS”)

Once the Feasibility Study and EIA has been completed along with the Business Model and reviewed by Kisumu Government and the Governor then the first plant could be operational by May 2024.

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