Circular Economy

Sustainable Urban Life Waste-to-Wealth

Kisumu Sustainable Waste Circular Economy. A complete Sustainable Waste management strategy taking Kisumu into the circular economy with Clean Renewable Energy & Recycling 300 jobs created – Manufacturing factories can be set up for glass, metal and building blocks and also food production green Houses.

We will produce building products and renewable electricity, recycled glass, metals and ash and some plastics and liquid fuels in the second and third phases of this project together with Fertilizers and cooking gas.

Circular Economy

Recycling of glass & metals, plastic is used for electricity production to increase the Renewable Energy generation capacity of Kisumu – Circular Economy – ZERO Waste – ZERO Waste to Landfill. Sustainable Urban & Rural Life.

Transition Opportunity

There’s a world of opportunity  to rethink and redesign the way we make stuff.  “Re-Thinking Progress” explores how through a change in perspective we can re-design the way  our economy works – designing products that can be ‘made to be made again’ and powering the system with renewable energy.

Syscraft Ltd Nairobi

Sarralle or Siemens and Syscraft will develop Environmental Management System to monitor waste generation, energy production and emissions

Circular Economy – Recycling & Gasification will assist Kisumu

Zero Waste – Zero Landfill

Adaptive Planning

Sustainable Urban Living.  This video explains how Kisumu can shift into a Circular Economy through the adoption of our plants that has functionality in the waste sector and lead to Sustainable Urban & Rural Life – Organisational Structure with Whole Cost accounting for Ecological & Social systems, Natural Capital.

Circular Economy Technology

Kisumu can enter the Circular Economy – PSECC Ltd can provide the Technology Infrastructure and Funding to make this possible. Sustainable Urban & Rural Life…..


Kisumu Government will. be able to monitor the Counties waste, generation & collection rates,  energy production and emissions.

Sustainability & Circular Economy

Circular Economy

Adaptive Planning for Kisumu

About the project for Kisumu

Circular Economy

This is a project that takes waste and turns it into a valuable resource.  Daily waste is collected in the new trucks and sent to the Waste processing plant. All waste, unsorted goes into the Gasification plant and Syngas is produced for Electricity Production and glass, metals, ash & ceramics are recovered and recycled. Manufacturing then takes place.