Fighting Climate Change in Kisumu – Waste-to-Wealth

Enjoy the best Energy technology Gasification design and Recycling functions combined together
We will produce building products and renewable electricity, recycled glass, metals and ash and some plastics and liquid fuels in the second and third phases of this project together with Fertilizers and cooking gas.

Adapting to Climate Change – Our plants bring knowledge transfer, adaptive change to waste management, sustainable, circular and provides  300 jobs per plant, revenue for Kisumu County Government, manufacturing and food production for Kisumu and builds resilience

Adpation Funding Technology

To assist Kisumu into the Circular Economy, Sustainable Waste Management & Sustainable Urban Life

First plant

The first plant will process Kisumu City – 600 Tonnes per day (tpd) of MSW. A further nine plants would be possible to process all of the Counties waste – 5,720 tpd MSW.

50 New Trucks

50 New trucks to start increasing collection rates of MSW. Also 100 Gas-powered Rickshaws provided for Village and Towns waste collection.

Funding for Climate Change Mitigation

USD $90 million Private Global funding, from Deutsche Bank for Kisumu projects.

Climate Change Adaption

Adapting to Climate Change – Sustainable Waste Management & Circular Economy

Global Warming

The World is trying to keep to 1.5 Degree C rise

The need for Adaptive Planning

To solve big problems like climate change, waste, and pollution, we need a big idea. It’s time to rethink how we design, make, and use the things we need, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear. Together, we can create a better future for business, society and the natural world.

ipcc climate change monitoring

ipcc press slides of sixth Assessment report 2021 below link..

UN ipcc slides on climate change..

Responding to Climate Change..

Royal Metrological Society..