Enjoy the best Gasification and Recycling combined together

100% Recycling & Cleanest form of Waste-to-Energy Gasification
At SARRALLE we work to manage in the most efficient way the waste resulted from the industrial activity and obtain energy from it. We work close to the best technologist in the waste recovery area, giving the best solutions adapted to our customer needs.

The company Turmec will provide Recycling technology & Design to our EPC company Sarralle.  We have also have our preferred Gasification technologies from the USA and the UK together with Fluid Bed Gasification with recycling if required.

SARRALLE supplies engineering and construction services in:




Urban solid waste treatment.

Energy recovery.

Sludge Treatment.

Our offer to Kisumu

USD $90 Million for the first Recycling & Gasification plant, 50 trucks, 100 Gas-Powered Rickshaws, bins & containers

The plant

We provide ZWT – ZERO-Waste Technology, EPC & Funding.  Kisumu wish to have the first plant, possibly two plants and another nine in time


Funding enables Kisumu to have the Best waste ZWT technology – Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) will help pay for the plant.

Zero Waste – Zero Landfill

Our technology turns waste into recycled products – manufacturing of new goods and food production

Revenue generation for the Kisumu County Government, increased waste collection rates and renewable energy generation.

Landfill waste

75% of Kisumu’s waste is Landfilled

We use this landfill waste also with daily generated waste as a feedstock to our plants

Sarralle builds and monitors the plants

Continued monitoring of energy production and emissions

Increase Renewable Energy into the National Grid

This will assist Kisumu and Kenya becoming 100% Renewable Energy supply 

MSW, Medical, Oil Sludges and Tyres processed

Mixed waste is fed into the plant with no sorting – calorific value of the waste can be increased with Landfill waste, oils and Tyres

MSW mixed waste

MSW mixed waste, medical waste and oil sludges can be processed in the plants together with Tyres.

Glass is Recycled

10 tonnes per day of Glass from each plant is recycled for Reuse in manufacturing of new products.

Metals Recycled

Metals recycled and resused in manufacturing


Building blocks & steel manufacturing

New building blocks

New building blocks for house building are m 10 tonnes of ash each day and 15 tonnes of glass.  Mixed with cement to produce concrete blocks.

Tryes reused

Rubber is high in calorific value (energy) and are used in electricity production.  The steel in the tyres is recycled for manufacture of new goods.

Waste processing types

Gasification is not Incineration. Gasification is 45% more efficient than Incineration.


Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Processing Equipment

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is waste consisting of everyday items that are consumed and discarded such as food wastes, yard wastes, containers, product packaging and inorganic wastes such as newspapers and clothing.

Our plants can process all fractions of MSW
and for Kisumu we will focus on Inorganic waste fractions.  Turmec will provide design and equipment to Sarralle for our plants